Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Lamb for a Baby Girl

Knitting Review
This adorable little Lamb was created for a close friend who was blessed with a new baby girl.  I found the knitting pattern via Ravelry.  But here is a direct link to the pattern at Petite Purls designed by Susan Anderson.

Set of Size 4 double pointed needles $8
1 ball White Teri Cloth Yarn $6.40
1 ball Tan or Beige Yarn (something extra soft) $6.50
Yarn Needle
Poly Fiber Fill $3
*Make sure the gauge of the yarn fits the pattern!

Total cost $12 - 24  
(Depending on what supplies you have on hand)

Review: The pattern is fairly easy to knit for a moderate skill level.  You should be familair with knitting in the round with double point needles.  The littly Lamb is really fun to make but it is on the small side so take breaks from knitting, your sure to get some cramps.  The 'fill as you go' method make for easy construction and closure ensuring that any Kiddy playing with the lamb wont be able to get at the Fiber fill.  The only change I had was the knitting of the ears, I simply made additional I Cords, instead of knitting in the round with few stitches.  All in All it was a fun pattern and I am really happy with the result.  

The back end : ) 

The pattern uses an I Cord,  wasn't familiar with technique, here is a video that I used to learn how.


  1. That turned out wondefully.


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