Monday, April 12, 2010

Floral Broach Necklace

Two things I love, the color Coral and large statement necklaces.  To get the best of both worlds I took one of my old bracelets added some new beads and got a great new summer necklace.

- Broach from a Target Bracelet
- Lobster Clasp, stolen from an unused necklace
-Coral glass beads from BeadMonkey 3 strands for $24

Project Time: 1 Hour
Total Cost: $24

Strands:  Thread the strands 1/3 full, then thread through the broach.  Complete adding beads, the strand closest to your neck will require fewer beads, 2 more for the middle strand, and 2 more on top of that for the outer strand.
Clasp: Using needle nose pliers I stole the lobster clasp and chains from an un-used necklace and attached with the thread ends.  I'm planning to wear this necklace with turquoise and purple for a great summer look.


  1. This post inspired me to make this necklace:

    Thank you for the inspiration.


  2. This is so awesome and clever!!