Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Max "Where the Wild Things Are"

Welcome, I'm glad you found my blog and I hope this is what you were looking for.  If not check back for future posts and projects.  Otherwise happy hunting. For my 1st Post I'm sharing an older project.

Here is my fully-hand-made-from-scratch MAX costume.

Unfortunately I created this costume before i created this blog, so i don't have process pictures.  But i can give a run down of how it was completed.  
Project Budget:  $30-40 for fabric & pattern.  
Time to complete: 10-15 hours

1. Sew a body suit of white felt made from a Simplicity pattern 9983 Adult Animal Costume.  I maintained a few modifications - no elastic on hands or feet and a zipper down the front with only a partial hood. 
2. Using fake fur sew a 2.5' long by 6'' wide tail that tapers at the end.  Attach to suit as you sew the back seam.

3. Hands were made by creating a elongated palm shape and attaching five 1.5'' long triangles acting as claws.   Note" the fleece was stiff enough for me but you could stuff it with cardboard or batting if your looking for a larger effect.  I attached a small 3'' long elastic strap to keep them around my hands (you can see it in my left hand in the photo) and sewed the bottom of the 'hand' to the top end of the sleeve.

4. The Hood.   Ears were constructed free hand and I sewed a channel along the top ridge so i could insert a pipe cleaner for form and stiffness, they were then attached to the hood by cutting a slit, inserting, and sewing the seam.
5. The crown is canvas.  I laid out 2 layers and measured the circumference i wanted for the base.  i then divided it by 5 (five points) and created a peak for each.  I sewed the 2 layers and turned them right side out.  I used the pipe cleaner method (like the ears) for the rib in each peak.  i sewed a thin channel and ran a pipe cleaner into each.  When finished i took Gold paint and hand painted the fabric.  I wanted a rustic feel, but you could use gold fabric instead, just make sure there is some stiffness so you may need a backing.  I hand stitched the crown to the hood.  Then curl over the tips of the crown.
6. Scepter.  The stick is the center of a plastic coat hanger, i cut off the ends and sanded the bottom smooth, you could use a dowel if you have some on hand.  The Ball is a child's foam ball, i cut a slit in the ball, applied hot glue to the plastic rod and inserted it.  I used Bronze craft paint to cover the plastic rod and foam ball.  I then cut soft diamond shapes from craft foam sheets, and painted them bronze as well.  I attached them with hot glue, and to add more details i took gold pearl sewing pins (had some on hand) and tacked the foam diamonds to the foam ball, you could also do this with painted beads or puffy fabric paint.

7. Finishing touches were 3 foam circles for buttons that i attached with fabric snaps to help cover the zipper seam.  I used brown pipe cleaners cut in half for the whiskers.  I punctured a hole in the side of the hood, inserted the pipe cleaner and make a L bend so i could sew it down.  then twist and bend the ends for the MAX look.

8. Yes I'm an Adult, and Yes i wore this costume to the bars on Halloween.  I got lots and lots of questions as to where i found the costume and even more compliments when i told them i made it by hand.  Bonus:  I was really warm and comfortable all night!

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