Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Knitting Review: Formal Boot Bag from Bag Style

Pattern: Formal Boot Bag by Laura Irwin
  • Pattern $0   Visit your local library to borrow the book!  Or the Bag Style book can be bought at Amazon for $14.
  • Yarn $44.55 from Yarnmarket 3 skeins 183yds/100gms each  (Suggested brand Takki Donegal Tweed Homespun, I choose Light Olive.
  • Size 13 circular knitting needles (20'' long)
  • Size 11 straight knitting needles
  • 14.5'' Handle from Etsy $6.80
  • Scrap fabric for lining & matching thread
Total Cost $ 65.35

Knitting Pattern Review
I applaud Laura on this pattern.  It was exceptionally easy to knit!  I'm a moderately advanced knitter but this bag was super fun and a beginner could easily conquer it.  This was my first time felting a bag and after following the directions in the book i had a felted bag Little Time with No Tears.  The yarn is more costly because it is 100% woll and nicly colored but the pattern was so pretty I couldnt resist.  Laura woked the hourglass shape and styleled a modern and soft casual bag for every day use.

Designer on a Budget add-on's
I decided to line the purse with a cool Japanese Umbrella patterned fabric, I found some imitation leather handles via Etsy and added floral buttons i found at JoAnn.  Here's how you can personalize this bag.

Designer Knit Bags   
Average Designer on a Budget savings $208
Happy knitting : )

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